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Anonymous asked: How do you define "fear of the Lord" ? How can you be " zealous for the fear of the Lord"? (Proverbs 23:17 ). How can we delight in the fear of the Lord, like Jesus? (Isaiah 11:2-3)If our purpose is to be like Jesus, this is an interesting aspect, rarely mentioned or even thought of it, but still. It seems so mysterious and also deep and to much for my (current) understanding.


Hi Anon,

The “fear of the Lord” talked about in the Bible is a difficult concept for us to grasp, because we don’t usually think of fear in the way it’s used there.

We associate fear with feeling in danger, but God tells us not to be afraid. We associate fear with distrust, but God tells us to trust Him like a father. And we associate fear with worry, but Jesus assures us He’ll take care of us. So fearing God doesn’t mean worrying about Him, distrusting Him or being afraid of Him. 

Fearing God actually means fearing the consequences of not following Him. In other words, it means obeying Him.

And the Bible supports this idea: 

In this context, being zealous for and delighting in the fear of God makes a little more sense. It means being zealous for obedience to God and delighting in His commands.

Good question.

Peace, love and Jesus,

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