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In honor of turning 24 this past weekend …

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

The Undoing: Album Promo - Steffany Gretzinger


"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

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They try to shut us down, and it ain’t gon’ slide
Only thing I fear is God and he on my side
That’s the confidence of God, cause he got me
That’s why I really feel like

You can’t stop me


- Andy Mineo

"Giving into that anger [caused by the death of Michael Brown] by looting or carrying guns or even attacking the police only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. It undermines, rather than advances, justice." -President Obama

Well said, President Obama.

Pray for Ferguson.

FactChecker: Is ISIS Beheading Children in Iraq?

Puzzle time at the Lilleys’… It’s a work in progress… Sometimes it’s the process, not the outcome! #lilleypadventures

Obsessed with this song right now.

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God’s Plans vs. My Plans

I have not blogged for a while, mainly because there has been so much going on! This past year has truly been a rollercoaster, and Laura and I feel like we’ve been pulled along for the ride—definitely in the good sense! Here’s a brief summary of how God’s plans and my plans have differed over the past year and a half.

My plan: Buy a house in Marion, Indiana, and continue working for IWU for an indefinite period of time.

God’s plan: Move to Central, South Carolina, and start working for Southern Wesleyan University.

My plan: Church-hop around Clemson/Central until Laura and I feel at home in a church body.

God’s plan: Stay at the first church we visit and immediately get plugged into community.

My plan: Work for 3-4 years before starting grad school.

God’s plan: Start grad school now.

My plan: Rent an apartment for 3-4 years until we have enough savings for a house.

God’s plan: Rent an apartment for one year, and then buy a house that is miraculously within our price range.

My plan: Get involved in our church community by helping out with worship leading, prayer events, and children’s ministry.

God’s plan: Get involved in our church community by becoming a worship leader, deacon, and youth director. (Laura is also a deacon and youth director.)

This all to say: GOD IS GOOD and